Chelski - Albion 2-0 (2-0) 08/09

Disse kampene er såå spennende
Carson 7.3, Zuiverloon 4.7, Meite 5.7 (Barnett, 27 6.5), Olsson 7.0, Robinson 5.3, Morrison 6.5, Koren 6.0, Greening 5.5, Kim 4.0 (Bednar, 69 5.7), Brunt 4.7, Beattie 4.8 (Moore, 60 5.2)
Unused subs: Kiely, Cech, Dorrans, Valero
Manager: Tony Mowbray 3.7
Referee: Rob Styles (Waterlooville) 5.7
Attendance: 43,417   Home Fans 3.8   Away Fans 5.4
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Normally a lurker,but as I'm unusually home before the normal correspondents, I thought I'd post some thoughts on the game.

  • All in all a totally predictable 90 minutes.Tried hard, played some pretty stuff but with Beattie up front even less penetrative than normal, accompanied by occassional errors at the back. Looked a bit more lively with Bednar and Moore on, but not much
  • 1st Goal was a carbon copy of a number we've seen this season -pretty aimless cross to far post, full-back outjumped by big centre-forward. In this case the full-back was loon, whose feet didn't even seem to leave the ground. Irritating as the longer we'd have held out, the more pressure their recent home form would have put them under - 4 minutes a pretty piss poor effort.
  • Having conceded so early, it was a reasonable achievement to keep it at 1 at 45 mins through a combination of luck and Carson heroics. The possibility of still being within reach in the second half loomed, but was thrown away by a combination of an Olsson(?) trip and a Robinson flail as Lampard danced through our defence in injury time.
  • The 2nd half was fairly standard exhibition match stuff from both sides, the style of which we've seen many times from albion this year when the game was beyond us - lots of pretty triangles, the occassional frisson of excitement, but little real end product
  • Probably worth mentioning that we got ripped apart down our left numerous times, as Brunt's defensive contribution was non-existent - how they failed to score I'm not sure
  • Those of you who decided to resist the chance to pay £48 to watch Albion outclassed to focus on the Turkey curry definitely made the right decision.
  • We didn't really expect anything from today,but it would be nice if we could win some battles to create some pressure on the opposition such as keep a clean sheet for the first 15 mins or hold on at 1 until half time.

smethwick batman:

Thanks for the match report Kev. While the result is no more than I expected in the cold light of day, I would have liked us to have had a go at them for the sake of the fans if nothing else and I am both depressed and angry.

I don't go to Chelsea cos it's a rip off dump but I also am reminded inexorably of the appalling capitulation of Bryan Robson the last time I went. I posted then (and if I could find the post I'd have re-pasted it and changed the names and nobody would have blinked an eyelid!) that refusing to turn up against these teams at their grounds is an abdication of responsibility to football and the competition it is itself let alone us poor fans.

If you want to take it to its natural extreme, why not play the kids and give everybody a rest? And basically just give up. The way Bednar played last week surely common sense says put the boy back in the fray especially with Carvallho and Terry missing?

When a bloke is on fire let him carry on bursting for another 90 minutes if you are going to play 4-5-1. I'm no Moore fan but chuck him in as well in a 4-4-2 after last week's fight and spirit among the players.

Kim still gets a game? Hello.

Not only was this line-up a piss take of me let alone the poor buggers who went, it put a big sign up to Chelsea that we knew we had lost before we stepped on the park and it was a question of how few they would score.

Utterly indefensible behaviour Robson, er sorry Mowbray.