Holland - Day Three

Unbelivable....the Boe family must be famous...
Takk for tipset Mark
THERE are certain unwritten rules in life.

Never, for example, ask to see a painting before it's finished, never criticise a chef in certain restaurants over in Moseley and, if you're a footballer, never push your fitness coach into the swimming pool.

It's not far behind pushing the team manager or chairman into deep water.

Roman Bednar will be a tired man by the time this tour has finished after giving Dan Harris - sorry, a fully-clothed Dan Harris - an almighty shove into the hotel swimming pool.

Schoolboy error, Roman.

Elsewhere, there was little joy for Dean Kiely.

Not only have Albion made a £4million bid for Scott Carson but the Albion No1 has now been forced out of the Super Mario Grand Prix.

A new contestant entered the fray, Chris Brunt, which took the number of drivers up to nine.

Because only eight players can play at the same time, it was decided that whoever finished last would be relegated to make way for the newcomer.

Deano was today's backmarker, dropping out after failing to make the cut.

Incidentally, Albion are still waiting to hear Carson's next move but the mood is one of optimism - to the degree that it was initially suggested that Albion may get some joy today (Tuesday). That's unlikely now but staff remain confident.

In the meantime they've welcomed Marek Cech, who arrived at the team's Tegelen hotel at lunchtime after Tony Mowbray rushed off to meet him following this morning's training session.

Elsewhere, there were other arrivals.

Norwegian based Albion fan Stian Boe and his family arrived to watch the players train this morning following their mammoth journey from Scandinavia.

I had to feel a little bit sorry for Stian when he told me of his experiences last season. He went to two games during Albion's title-winning campaign - the FA Cup semi-final against Portsmouth and the home game against Leicester City.

Stian won't be the only arrival.

Albion's very own snapper Laurie Rampling arrives this evening.

Laurie is one of life's characters.

Living in Southend means getting to games is never easy for him.

Mind you that doesn't explain what possessed him, last season, to drive from Essex to Plymouth via West Bromwich.

And then there was the time he spotted Tony Brown on a London Underground train during the heightened state of terror alert.

Shouting 'hey Bomber' across the crowded carriage wasn't one of his better ideas...